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设计师: 许业功


室内空间设计张弛有度,融合了现代的设计手法和当地多元的文化元素。对称、穿透、借景、框景等表现方式在设计中也得到积极运用。 悬浮空中的柜子,给人一种空灵,虚与实的感觉。柜子同时运用了积木迷宫组合的方式,营造出一种富有趣味性的动线和通透感。茶道区一面山水夹绢画隔绝出世外桃源般的空间。给人一种温物与形相融,情与景相通,内与外共处,人与人自然对话,是本案的最终展现。

This project is a private collection of purple clay pots and jades. Flexibility and permeability are the characteristics of this project. We try to use suspension and moving line planning to obtain a new permeability. Through the new minimalist new Chinese style and high-end material design, the concept of permeability is fully reflected.
The interior space design is relaxed, integrating modern design techniques and local multi-cultural elements. Symmetry, penetration, borrowed scenery, frame scenery and other forms of expression are also actively used in the design. The cabinet suspended in the air gives people a sense of emptiness, emptiness and reality. At the same time, the cabinet uses the way of building block labyrinth combination to create an interesting moving line and transparent feeling. One side of the tea ceremony area is covered with landscape and silk paintings, isolating the space like a paradise. The final manifestation of this case is to give people a kind of fusion of warm things and shapes, the connection of feelings and scenes, the coexistence of inside and outside, and the natural dialogue between people.

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