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设计师: 王亚苗




The rapid rise of cities gives people a new perspective on life needs and beauty.

Outside of work is life.

People's pursuit is no longer a house, more should be a comfortable decompression home.





This case is a family of six: parents, young couple and two children living space, located in a coastal city penthouse.

Return space to its essence, explore space and nature, art and emotion.


入户阳台 enter a balcony





With the concept of hill into the household leisure area, decompression and return to the natural comfort, suitable for home afternoon tea area. There is a gentle breeze and a sea. Ukiyoshi bustling, will allow to slow down here to find a peace of mind


客厅  sitting room






In the conversation observed goodwife bias artistic breath, while adopting contemporary style, apply import to restore ancient ways metallic hand lacquer and the space of black and white ash collide each other.







Use cloth grain wallboard, the sitting room background that quartz porcelain core pledges material, reflect to give Jane beauty already, solve the performance that coastal residence prevents moisture again. Let whole space had step by step at the same time, virtual and real union.


餐厅  restaurant





楼梯  stairs









Stair chooses wood to act the role of and toughened glass union, fine edge armrest, walnut adorns on glass. Make space integral vision more transparent, bright. There is no lack of subtlety.


厨房  kitchen





Kitchen door is about Tibetan type sliding door, integral space color is given priority to with white, let pan bowl gourd ladle basin interpret the modelling feeling of him in white setting.


卫生间  toilet





儿童区  children's area







The first proper step in life is to be a child. Second floor children's area with retro green hand paint plus metal and wood floor mutual combination, so that the space is endowed with the childlike innocence of the environment, movement and motion are appropriate.


阳光房  sun room







The sun room is one of the areas on the top floor. Combining the elements of the hill, pu stone skin is adopted to control and balance the feeling, and the texture of light, form, texture and art is used to cover the nature and express the nature.


卧室   bedroom